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Marine fire dampers

fire-dampersMFD Marine Fire Dampers are designed for installation in air conditioning and ventilation ductwork.

In normal working conditions the dampers remain in the open position, without causing any signicant effect in terms of pressure loss, noise or interruption of the air flow. In the event of fire, a fusible link will automatically close the damper, preventing the spread of fire through the ducts and into other compartments.

 MFD Marine Fire Dampers have been succesfully tested in a recognised laboratory, and are certified to A0-A60 Fire Test Standard according to the FireTesting Procedures code ( FTP Code ) : Resolution IMO MSC 61 (67) Annex 1 Part 3 Test for “A” , “B” and “F” Class Divisions, and to Resolution A.754 (18) Recommendation of fire resistance tests for “A” , “B” and “F” Class Divisions and Appendix A.11 – Fire Dampers.

MFD Marine Fire Dampers are approved for class A-60 divisions ( Bulkhead and decks). In addition they have been corrosion tested and vibration tested for Navy and Off-shore applications.


The MFD A60 Marine Damper design has focussed on the following key criteria:

  • A simple but robust structure to facilitate installation and maintenance procedures, and minimise the risk of breakage or damage through wear and tear.
  • A wide choice of materials, casing depths, dimensions, and actuation to provide the maximum flexibility and adaptability to customer requirements.
  • 40mm casing flanges.table



Blade features

blade-featuresThe damper blades are constructed for a single sheet of 430 ferritic stainless steel, which folds to create a 75 mm wide blade, shaped for strength and aerodynamic capacity. When fully closed, the blades overlap and interlock enhancing the strength of the blade and its resistance to extreme temperature. Steel blade ends are incorporated in the blades.  Optional AISI Stainless Steel 316 blades, included as standard if 316 stainless steel casing options is chosen.  FCD Systems – an ISO9001 certified company – manufactures dampers using technologically advanced machining processes ensuring custom design with extreme accuracy and consistent quality.


Irrespective of the type of actuation chosen, the damper operates by means of a thermally sensitive fusible link (Thermal Link) . The damper blades are in the open position when conditions are normal, and will close automatically when the set temperature is reached and the fusible link activates. The damper blades are open when either the electric power is ON, or there is pressure from the pneumatic actuator.


actuationMFD Fire Dampers are designed and tested for use with Belimo spring return actuators, combined with a Thermal Link – a thermo-electric tripping device – which activates at 72°C automatically closing the dampers. Available in a choice of nominal voltages – 24V, 120V or 230V the options and specifications are indicated in the lefthand table or equivalent motor.

Optional selection of ATEX explosion proof electric or pneumatic actuation.
The Thermal Link green LED lamp indicates that the actuator is installed correctly, power is on, and the fuse is intact. Periodic testing of the damper using a switch on the Thermal Link simulates a release under fire conditions. Optional temperature thermal links (95°C, 120°C) available on request.